Berserk - Guts Wonderful Hobby Selection - Berserk - Guts
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Plazo de entrega de 2 a 5 días laborables + Envío
  • Extrema / Altísima calidad en detalles, acabado y pintado
  • Modelo finalizado, pintado y numerado a mano
  • Estatua fabricada en poliresina
  • Viene con accesorios y una base.
  • Tamaño aproximado: 75 cm. de alto
  • Fabricante: Max Factory


    The next figure to join Good Smile Company and Max Factory's 'Wonderful Hobby Selection' series of top quality figures is none other than the berserker 'Guts' from the popular manga series 'Berserk'.
  • The figure places Guts in the middle of an apostle massacre, having defeated one and already getting ready to attack the next. He holds his massive sword 'Dragonslayer' overhead, coated in the blood of his victims as he looks ahead with an imposing glare on his face. A figure that truly captures what it means to be 'Berserk'. The figure stands an impressive 750mm in height, a size that allows for extraordinary details and paintwork - not only on Guts himself, but also on the stone paved base and slain apostle - the entire scene that is unfolding around him! This incredibly realistic masterpiece has been brought to life by the artisans at Max Factory as a complete polystone figure for fans to appreciate for years to come. Only 300 of this figure will be made available worldwide. Each will be engraved with a unique serial number.

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