NENDOROID Magical Marine Pixel Maritan - Air Self-Defense Army-san - NENDOROID Magical Marine Pixel Maritan - Air Self-Defense Army-san
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  • KAWAIII Nendoroid de Magical Marine Pixel Maritan - Air Self-Defense Army-san
  • Posee varias caras con expresiones intercambiables, brazos y complementos
  • Altísima calidad en detalle, acabado y pintado
  • Tamaño aproximado: 10 cm de alto
  • Fabricado por Good Smile Company
  • Producto importado de Japón
  • Magical Marine Pixel Maritan (Japanese: Magikaru Marinu Pixeru Maritan), is a series of books and audio cds that focus on teaching good manners and the Engrish language to Japanese kids using drill sergeant "motivational" speak and cute anime girls, it is most likely ignored by them and is instead patronized by otaku from other countries that already know how to speak Engrish. The books follow the days of Sergeant Maritan, a Drill Instructor for the U.S. Marines. In all actuality, Maritan is not american since she is actually a princess from the Magical Kingdom of Paris Island (Do not be fooled, Paris Island is still Japan aliased so that no one would know they so want to copy America), which has signed a treaty of co-operation and friendship with the Great United States of America after Obama's term ended. It also teaches the readers and listeners, mostly creepy otakus to swear like a U.S. Marine and in no way just circled on swearing the word FUCK repeatedly with no reason whatsoever. Air Defense Identification Zone of Japan The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (航空自衛隊 Kōkū Jieitai), JASDF, also referred to as the Japanese Air Force,[3] is the air warfare branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, responsible for the defense of Japanese airspace and for other aerospace operations.[4] It is the de facto air force of Japan. The JASDF carries out combat air patrols around Japan, while also maintaining a network of ground and air early-warning radar systems. The branch also has an aerobatic team known as Blue Impulse and has provided air transport in UN peacekeeping missions

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